1% of organizations have already implemented blockchain projects, and just 8% are considering to experiment in near future – Gartner

Analysts have touted blockchain as the “fifth disruptive technology.” In accord with mainframe and personal computers, mobile communications, and the internet, blockchain is expected to unlock trillions in economic activity. In these early days, amidst all the excitement and hype, blockchain technology and its potential is mostly obscured by technological complexity, misleading marketing, and outright scams. A study found that in 2017 four out of five of the so-called Initial Coin Offerings — a typical mechanics for raising money for blockchain projects — were scams. Due to several important reasons, blockchain in the advertising context is a particularly complicated topic and proposals are easily misunderstood. At the same time, blockchain technology has important potential in being part of a solution for some of the most pressing issues in advertising. CONTACT to learn more about what you can expect from working together.


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